Nescafé Headstart

Agency:  REBORN.            Client:  Nescafé


Nescafé Headstart is a hackathon-style competition that encourages young Australians to transform their ideas into reality.

Ideas submissions of all sorts were welcome and encouraged. Such as an arts project, a social cause, a tech innovation, game or business.

As the lead designer I was responsible for the branding and visual direction. This includes developing the logo, website and posters for the event itself.


Context first

Our potential entrants were likely to see the event via their social feeds or when they were at uni, the site needed to be quick, easy and simple to navigate on mobile devices.



The name for the event was developed within the agency. We used the Nescafé circle to contain the elements and a strip across it to represent the finishing line of a race. Emphasis is placed on the ‘Start’, as the event is about the beginning of ideas. Finally, the coffee cup with a lightning strike sits at the heart of it all and serves as the fuel for innovation.